Booknetic is an appointment booking plugin for WordPress sites that delivers a simple way for businesses across a wide range of industries to add appointment scheduling functionality. Simplify online bookings for your customers by deploying Booknetic’s seamless experience for scheduling appointments online. 

The plugin helps automate the booking process by eliminating the need for customers to call the office for appointments. It can also be used to collect deposits, send reminders, set recurring appointments, and more. 

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Booknetic Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited appointments
  • One-time payment for lifetime access
  • Customized and automated bookings
  • Simple installation and administration
  • Intuitive booking experience for customers 


  • Lots of paid add-ons
  • Only compatible with WordPress
  • Limited support
  • No mobile app for booking management

About Booknetic

Booknetic is an online appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress websites. It’s an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and use cases, from fitness instructors and salons to repair centers, professional services, and many more. The plugin can even accommodate bookings for physicians and healthcare organizations. 

If you run a business that currently takes appointments over the phone or via email, Booknetic can massively simplify your scheduling process. The software helps you save time, save money, and improve the customer experience all at once. Your customers can book appointments online in just a few clicks, and you can reduce no-shows by collecting deposits and sending automated reminders through Booknetic. 

Booknetic Health and Stability

Booknetic is a relatively new brand and software, founded in 2019. There isn’t much information on the web about this privately-owned company, nor any About Us page on their website providing details related to its founders or funding history. 

FS Code is Booknetic’s developer and parent company, with three total products—Booknetic and Booknetic SaaS (a version of the product we’re reviewing in this post tailored for agencies), plus FS Poster, a tool for scheduling and sharing WordPress posts. 

Booknetic only comes with six months of support included with software installations, which isn’t ideal. However, Booknetic is updated on a regular basis—sometimes multiple times in a single month. All of these updates are tied to bug fixes, new features, and product enhancements. It’s a good sign that the company works diligently to improve and support the software.

It’s also nice to see that Booknetic is currently working on three additional booking plugins. As of the time of this writing, they’re developing plugins for handling event booking, hotel booking, and rental booking. This a good sign for Booknetic’s health, growth, and future stability. 

Booknetic Pricing

Both Booknetic and Booknetic SaaS are sold as single lifetime licenses. Every installation is covered by a one-time payment and comes with free technical support for six months and free updates forever. 

Booknetic Pricing Structure

Booknetic has a simple and straightforward pricing structure. The plugin costs just $79 for lifetime access for a single domain. It includes all of the features you’ll need to add bookings to your site, including unlimited appointments and more than 20 built-in features. 

To further extend the functionality of Booknetic, there are over 25 paid add-ons for capabilities like waiting lists, Zoom meeting integration, SMS notifications, gift cards, custom modules, and more. These range from $19 to $49 each, with most priced around $29. 

Booknetic also has an extended license, known as Booknetic SaaS, which is the version of its multi-vendor booking system for agencies and rental property owners. For a single payment of $489, you can create an appointment booking business and resell booking software to other businesses as a white-label product. 

Booknetic Trials and Guarantees

Booknetic does not offer any free trials or money-back guarantees. However, you can try out a demo of the plugin for free at any time. 

There are two demos that you can access directly from the Booknetic website—the core booking plugin demo and a demo for Booknetic SaaS. Each of these shows you how the software looks from the customer side, but it doesn’t show the admin features. 

For a sandbox demo with special access, you can provide Booknetic with your email address to get a free demo within three days. 

It’s also worth noting that, since Booknetic is so affordable, it could be worth the single $79 purchase just to try it out. Since you won’t have any recurring payments, you can look at this as an extended way to try the plugin for as long as you want. If you’re happy and want to continue using it, there won’t be any additional payments unless you choose to extend its capability with premium add-ons. 

Booknetic Overview

Below, we’ll go in depth into each Booknetic license, including the benefits, drawbacks, features, and use cases of both. You’ll learn how Booknetic works so you can make a more informed decision on whether it is right for you and your business. 

Booknetic’s Appointment Booking Plugin for WordPress

Booknetic is arguably the easiest way to add appointment scheduling functionality to a WordPress website. It’s simple to implement, affordable, and intuitive for site admins and customers to use alike. 

To get started, simply purchase a lifetime license of Booknetic, then follow their guided setup process to implement it on your WordPress site. Booknetic walks you through the process by prompting you with questions about your business, hours, staff, and other basic information that will ultimately be included on your appointment calendar and booking widget. 

Once the plugin has been installed and configured, you can start accepting online bookings right away. Customers can access the booking widget through your site, and you can manage the entire scheduling process online—simplifying your operations while saving time and money. 

Booknetic plugin landing page showcasing a user-friendly interface for online book management and booking services.
Effortlessly manage your bookings with the user-friendly Booknetic plugin.

One unique aspect of Booknetic compared to similar tools is its ability to be customized. You’re in full control over the look and feel of your booking widget so that it aligns with your operations and brand. Quickly add or remove form fields with a single click, upload your logo, change colors to match your brand identity, and more. 

The plugin even helps you manage bookings for multiple locations with different staff and services. For example, if you’re running a healthcare practice, you might have one location that just handles primary care visits and routine checkups and another facility where your practice does all of its x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs. 

You can set up the plugin to only include the appropriate services at each location based on the appointment type or physician. 

In addition to bookings, you can use Booknetic to collect deposits and even send invoices to your customers. By collecting a deposit, it helps reduce the chance of no-shows for appointments. Paired with the option to set up automated appointment reminders, you can potentially eliminate abandoned appointments altogether. 

Additional features like local payments, group appointments, recurring appointments, extra services, holiday calendars, Google ReCAPTCHA integration, and payment links are included with every license. 

While Booknetic is really affordable, one potential drawback is its many paid add-ons. You might end up paying significantly more for the plugin if you want to add premium features. 

For example, SMS notifications, Zoom integration, PayPal payments, user role management, and waiting list features all cost extra. The Zoom integration, for one, allows you to take things a step further and offer virtual appointments for certain services. For example, you may have a psychiatrist in your practice who wants to provide patients with the option of virtual therapy sessions.

By not including these premium features in the base product, Booknetic’s core offering price is able to remain low. Then, you’re able to add extra capabilities as needed while still being mindful of your budget. If you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, you won’t have to pay a lot for features you won’t use.

The lack of a mobile app for managing bookings on the go can be tough to accept for certain types of businesses, especially professionals who aren’t tied to a desk or don’t have a dedicated office assistant. 

Booknetic costs just $79 for a lifetime license. This comes with six months of technical support, which can be extended to 12 months of support for an additional $27.75. Get a free demo to try it out. 

Booknetic SaaS for WordPress

Booknetic also has an extended license called Booknetic SaaS. This is its multi-vendor booking system primarily built for agencies, giving you the ability to resell the software or include it in your site building offerings for your clients. 

This adds more convenient features for both administrators and the customers who book work with you. Each person who books an appointment with you will have their own booking URL that can be shared through a link or QR code. 

Booknetic Vendor System landing page showcasing user dashboard with bookings, calendar, and revenue statistics.
Take control of your bookings like never before with the Booknetic Vendor System.

The most appealing part of this license is its affordable cost for the potential of lifetime revenue. Similar to the regular license, Booknetic SaaS can be purchased for a one-time fee. For $489, you get six months of support, unlimited clients, and unlimited plan configurations. You can set up monthly or annual subscriptions from those buying the service from you to quickly get a positive ROI. You can extend support to 12 months for an additional $174. 

This version of Booknetic can help you earn recurring revenue by selling appointment booking software, offer better services to clients, or manage bookings at scale if you’re a part of a larger, multi-location organization. 

To be clear, the plugin itself can’t be installed on multiple websites. Even if you’re using the extended version, it’s still only good for one domain. 

Get a free demo of Booknetic SaaS today

Booknetic Reputation

Booknetic has an exceptional reputation on the web. On average, it has a 4.9 rating on a five-star scale across multiple third-party review sites. The vast majority of remarks are positive, with very few complaints about the plugin.

More specifically, many reviewers mention how Booknetic solved their appointment-booking problems in various types of businesses. Other reviews mention how powerful and versatile the tool is, and many users love that Booknetic seamlessly integrates with third-party tools for extended functionality. Despite Booknetc’s limited six-month support, there are several reviews mentioning how useful and helpful the support team is. 

There are a few negative remarks about Booknetic within the verified customer reviews. A few users wish the software worked through a native mobile app for customers—not just a mobile web version. Other reviews called out some bugs, and some mentioned a slight learning curve after switching to Booknetic from another booking plugin. 

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend Booknetic to any business that wants to add online appointment scheduling to a WordPress website. It simplifies the way bookings are managed internally, and it provides your customers with a fast and easy way to schedule an appointment from anywhere. With Booknetic, there’s no need to call the office or play phone tag with a receptionist just to schedule an appointment. 

Booknetic is perfect for businesses like salons, spas, gyms, healthcare providers, repair centers, and independent consultants, while Booknetic SaaS is built specifically for agencies and larger companies. As long as your site is powered by WordPress, you can use Booknetic to automate your booking process and let your customers schedule recurring appointments online.